Last week, one of our biggest committees organized a relatively new event: The beercantus! The first edition of this cantus took place last year. There was decided to organize it again, due to its success last season. Fortunately, this year the beercantus was great again!

When everyone found a spot on the wooden beercantus benches, it was time to start. First of all it was made clear that the visitors had to listen very carefully to the activity committee, by stating the rules of the cantus. This must have been very clear to the members, because everyone was as quiet as a mouse when the acco had to say something. Of course we started of with the famous cantus song ‘Trink, trink, Brüderlein trink’, to get into the mood. After that, the cantus started for real! Everybody sang along as loud as possible, only to sooth the pain in their throats afterwards with that one golden drink we all like so much. Because it was a cantus, a few punishments had to be made that night.. Someone had to do ‘the kangaroo’, which is chugging your beer while you are jumping up and down. This may sound easy, but I can guarantee you that you will drink 50% of your beer at most. The rest will mostly end on your shirt. After a lot of songs and some more punishments, it was time to go out with the whole group. The party continued in the café ‘De Vrienden Live’, in the Oude Haven, where we stayed until the sun came up.

Thanks to the activity committee for organizing this great event. We are already looking forward to the next event!