Erasmus Volley has a very specific application procedure which will be explained underneath.

Step 1: Open practices

First you need to sign up for the open practices this is possible from the moment that the exact dates of the open practices are shared on this website and on Instagram (@erasmusvolley). The open practices usually take place at the end of August till the beginning of September. The form to sign up for the open practices will be shared on our social media platforms, our website and during the Eurekaweek.

During the open practices you will join a practice with other people who signed up and you will be placed in a team of a certain level. During the open practice you will be judged by the technical committee and based on this judgment they will determine in which team you would fit best. Generally, most people can join two open practices to show what they can do.

After the open practice many of our members go to our favourite bar, Pardoen (Oude Haven). If you join them you can show us that you could be an enthusiastic member on the field as well as off the field.

Step 2: Registration

The open practices are meant to help Erasmus Volley as well as you, the participant. After an open training you can decide if you really want to join our association. If you make the decision to become a member, then you need to fill out the official form to become a member. This form will be shared with you during the night of the open practice but you can also fill it out a few days later, as long as you remember the sign-up link.

Step 3: Wait

After the open practices de technical committee starts with the team division. They look at the old members and their level as well as at the prospective members and their level. Eventually, they create a WhatsApp group chat per team. If you are added to the group chat, it means that you have been accepted and have become an official member of Erasmus Volley. In no time you will receive all the information you need to make yourself right at home.

If you have not been chosen to be part of the team you will be notified and asked if you want to be added to the waiting list. Being part of the waiting list means that whenever someone decides to quit playing volleyball you can be asked to replace him or her.


If you have any further questions about the open practices or the team divisions, please mail [email protected].