Volleyball club Erasmus Volley is there for sporting & studying Rotterdam. Practices, competition, tournaments and activities are organised for, and by fanatic members, who form the proactive club. Volleyball is practiced with a combination of a social and student-like environment.


The club is for the members but especially by the members. The forthcoming of the mission is only possible by their volunteering. Their involvement, that originates from the social association and the drive for input in the club, is crucial and one of the characteristics of Erasmus Volley. About half of the members are actively involved in either committee work, the board, refereeing or coaching. The involvement also reflects back in enjoyable practices, fanatic matches and a sociable Thursday night at the club’s bar Pardoen.


Erasmus Volley characterises itself by being fanatic. An important reason to join Erasmus volley is playing enjoyable volleyball. This will result in playing better matches and the drive to become better. To match the fanatic mind-set, the trainers and facilities are of utmost importance to the club. But being fanatic could also reflect in other occasions outside volleyball itself. For example, by joining the board, a committee or activities outside volleyball.


The third characteristic is the position that Erasmus Volley members reflect to the outside world. Nevobo (Dutch Volleyball Association), and other associations see us as very proactive. We are known in the volleyball community to take initiative to grow and to gain brand awareness. Examples are: Educating trainers and referees, to invite old members to Erasmus Volley activities and to be visible to students from the Erasmus University and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam).


Cosiness and sociability outside of volleyball is important. The club’s bar and other activities are part of Erasmus Volley. Some even consider that being more important than volleyball itself. Furthermore, Erasmus Volley is and will always be run by students. Not everything will always be organised perfectly or run smoothly. However, the characteristics of Erasmus Volley, involvement, fanatic and proactive will keep them in harmony. The Thursday evening at Erasmus Volley has to be a household name by the competition.