The first year committee is a fun committee where new EV-members can get a taste of what it is like to be part of a committee. Just as a regular committee, there will be a chairman, secretary and treasurer. The first year committee has the important task to organize a fun event for all EV-members. Hence, there will be meetings held regularly in order to come up with an idea for a nice event, as well as carrying out the necessary preparations. This includes for example promoting the event and monitoring the budget. Besides the more serious part, the committee is an easy way to get to know your fellow first year committee-members as well as the other members.

This year we organized a pub crawl! We included different pubs and bars in Rotterdam and managed to get the participants a free shot or discount at every location. Furthermore, we appealed to our creativity and came up with some nice drinking games that we turned into a Beerolympics tournament with a different game at every bar. The winning team received the beautiful Beerolympics cup! We had a lot of fun organizing the event and the participants of the pubcrawl were very enthusiastic, hence we consider the night as a success. We had loads of fun organizing this event and being part of this amazing committee, so if you are in doubt whether you should join this committee or not: you definitely should!


The first year committee