It was our second to last game of the season, and we had to face the number one in our league; Libanon XR2. Libanon had already beat us twice before: both times we were left defeated 3-1. In order to become champions, we’d have to beat them 4-0, if we were to beat them 3-1, we would still have to fight in our last game. The evening started out nicely: team dinner at Mariëlle (who has an awesome home) (and who made me write this). The frozen hamburgers were getting baked, the vegetables cut, and the drinks were poured. It was thé perfect food to face the game head-on. When we arrived (with a full stomach) at Schuttersveld, the game could finally start: time to set out nerves aside. The first set was tough; the hall was hot and Libanon and us were quite an even match. The team was singing and chanting and (Rian was) cursing; we HAD to win this set… And we did! Hallelujah! What a relief. Many credits to Kevin, btw, he was killing it as our libero. Okay, 1 down, 3 more sets to go. Never before had we felt the pugnacity and the urge to win as much as we did right there and then. The 2nd and 3rd  set flew by and after several of Niek’s and Martijn’s blocks, Annabelle’s and Derrick’s spikes, Merel’s tips, and Mai’s services, we also had the 2nd and 3rd set in our advantage. We already knew we still had a shot at the championship. But then…it was time for set number 4. We started with a great head-start, however it was obvious that our nerves and excitement started to take over mid-game. What did we need? More singing? More cheering? Libanon started scoring more and more, feeding on our mistakes, getting closer and closer. We needed something, 1 point to get us beyond the rotation that had been costing us so many points. We needed that pugnacity to become champions. And then suddenly… (maybe it was because of God, maybe it was because of Tim, the biggest teamplayer G1 has, maybe it was because of the prayers Rob and Justin sent us from afar, maybe it was because of the defence, maybe it was because of a good serve, maybe it was because of… WHO ACTUALLY CARES) we got it! We put our heads back in the game and… WE WON. G1 CHAMPIONS! G1 CHAMPIONS! WHAT A GAME! WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT! CHAMPIONS OF 2018-2019. It was for the first time that G1 has fought this hard to become the champions. A 4-0 victory, we all had been dreaming about this, but were all too afraid to hope. We did it!
G1! A diverse team. A strong team. But mostly: a winning team!

A special thanks to our trainers Bas Spijker and Marc Brugghe! We never would have made it without such great trainers and coaches!