Finally, we were allowed to play volleybal again! After not being able to play for so long, EV is Breaking Free from the corona playing-stop with the first Beach Volleybal Tournament of the year that took place at the Beach Club Rottterdam. The sun hid behind the clouds for a while in the first shift, but on the bright sight, it was especially heartwarming to see everyone again. The teams were divided into four competitions, each competing in two different shifts. After many aces, killer blocks and some great services we could crown the teams; Korrel Zand, The BeachBabes, G4 Team 1 and Kipknots & Andijvie as our winners. With a well deserved medal for the winners and a small snack for the rest, we can say that we enjoyed a whole day full of volleyball. We had a great time and we hope you did, too!


The ToCo