On Wednesday the 13th of October, Bas van de Goor visited campus Woudestein to talk about his volleyballcareer, his diagnosis with diabetes type 1 and his foundation called after himself. If you do not know him, Bas van de Good played volleyball on a high professional level in Italy and in 1996 he won the Olympic volleyball final with the Dutch Men's team. 

The evening in Rotterdam started with a lecture on doing sports and diabetes, afterwards we dined together and in the end our Ladies' 1 and Men's 1 teams got a practice lead by Bas van de Goor. 

We are proud to be associated with him and his foundation and we are excited to welcome the foundation again during our Friends & Family Tournament in March. 

We want to thank Bas van de Goor for sharing his knowledge and expertise with us. 

Do you want to donate to the Bas van de Goor Foundation? That is possible via this link https://www.bvdgf.org/fundraisers/donnasmits/f-f?enref=764f6a8878934b50c6947e572fa87df8