We lost the last match against Spivo DS2 3-2, so this Thursday we were ready for battle! While the first set was won, we unfortunately lost the second set. In the third set we were able to turn the game back to our side. With a won third set, the current score was 2-1. One more winning set to take the win. Unfortunately, we lost the fourth set again. Why make it easy on yourself when you can also make it hard? It came down to the fifth and final set. The same position as the last time we played against this team. In the beginning of the set we grabbed point after point and were far ahead of our opponents. After changing sides, however, they came back. Ending in a nerve-wracking score of 14 against 13 for us. One point to go. We passed the ball, gave a nice set and ended with a power smash over the net! Although the ball was smashed just outside our opponents' court, the referee saw it inside and gave us our final point. Sometimes you need a little luck on your side to win. In the end, it was a fun game to play, and definitely one we had to celebrate with beers!