<strong>The start of the year</strong>! That means open training and let new people know how gezellig everyone is at EV. On the first week some of us (not just the Soco itself) went to Pardoen 3 times in one week! But lets get to the Thursday night. As Soco we prepared a small pubquiz and a slideshow so that all the new members could get idea what is to come this volleyball season. Hilde won the quiz and a new tradition was introduced. IICIINGGGG  To say the least it was busy. There was even (for the first time!) a warning of noise from the police who came to check it out. So we decided that we would go to Vrienden Live at 2 am. After a small announcement at 2 to 2 we went on our way. The group in Vrineden was BIG and it was BUSY. After that everything went a little blurry due to some lovely beers. But we can remember that it was super fun and that the next day some had no voice left and the others were hungover as ..