Almost two weeks ago it was time.. Time for one of the nicest events of Erasmus Volley: The members weekend! This year the tournament was organized in Beers, a very ironic name for some of the people that joined. The whole weekend was in the theme of pirates and everything related to that! You can think about things like treasure hunting, going on boat trips, singing songs, drinking rum: You name it!

The Fridaynight started of great for most members with a beer and some volleyball. After dinner it was time for the so called beer karaoke. People had to sing songs for points, but during their performance they had to do something special. Some people had to change shirts, others need to make the crowd clap, and some even had to sing with something in their mouths! The organizing committee gave points after every performance, not only to the performers, but also to the crowd. If they weren't satisfied, you had to drink! After this fun game it was time for the party, which continued until late in the evening..

The next morning getting out of bed was quite a task for some people, but everybody started their day happy! Several groups had to do several games. One group went to the woods to play live Stratego (pirate themed of course), another group had to solve puzzels using only a treasure map, and a third group started with a relay race on an inflatable pirate ship, followed by some volleyball. After these fun activities, a murder game took place. Everybody got a name card with their own name on it, and the goal was to take as many cards as possible, so that you will be the last one standing! After creeping through the hallways, hiding in the bushes, and intense fights, there was a winner. After the game, it was time to switch the normal outfits to pirate themed outfits: Time for a theme party! We have seen some beautiful pirates that evening. 

On Sunday it was time to actually go on a boat trip, like real pirates! There were canoe races and all members went on a short sail trip! Even though the weather forecast said we would have some crazy weather (thunder), the sky stayed perfectly blue and everyone was able to enjoy the weather, the volleyball, the water, and of course each other. After a lot of volleyball, the game 'werewolves' (of course pirate themed, again), and fun it was time for the award ceremony. Which team collected most points during this exciting weekend? After a big applause the winners got their price. Unfortunately, it was time to go home after this ceremony.

Thank you acco, for a great weekend!