The last event of the season: the final tournament and final party! Such a shame that the season is over already, but wow – we had an amazing night!

The tournament and party had a shared theme this year, namely ‘sleeping’. During the tournament people were dressed up as your sweetest dream or your worst nightmare, while everyone came in their pyjamas to the party! The tournament was yet again very exciting, with bold matches, fanatic players, but mostly a lot of fun. After a few hours, a lot of teamphotos, and certainly some beers, it was time for the award ceremony. Who won the most matches? And which team was the best dressed team? Both teams were richly awarded! After the ceremony it was time to get into the pyjamas and to head to the party.

Arriving at the party, the ambiance was already great. People brought their good moods from the tournament to the party, and of course our favourite golden drink was largely consumed. The so called ‘EV awards’ were also handed out during the party. These prizes are meant for people who did something extraordinary during the season. This can be something concerning volleyball (most improved player, most cheerful team, best team player, best trainer), something concerning fun (biggest party animal, favourite bachelor/bachelorette), or concerning buying the most bar cards! The prizes were received with great praise, after which the party could continue. There was a lot of dancing, laughing, and singing until late in the evening! Around 4:00 or 4:30, everyone biked home in their pyjamas, to jump in their bed right away as soon as they reached their houses. What a night!