On Thursday, 12.01, the day we have all been waiting for, finally came. The final matchup. The “El Clásico” of EV. G4 and G3 met again. Viewers described it as the Manchester Derby, but only with decent teams.
After G4 has won the first matchup of the season, it was for us, G3, to put them back in their place! 


The game started well for our substitute coach Carmen when we led 16-6 in the first set. The passes were set by Madeleine with an accuracy that has never been seen before in the world of volleyball (or at least in G3). Just to get hit by our middle Wouter at a speed, that almost broke the sound barrier. G4 didn`t get intimidated and were able to come closer, ending the first set 17-25.


The second set stayed intense. Amir could just not hold back on his intimidating monster blocks, ending in G4 suffering an unfortunate injury and leaving their team without a captain for the rest of the game. Guusje and Niek kept constantly attacking, bringing the second set to 25-17. 


The third set was mainly dominated by our serving machines, George and Eva, who suddenly decided to play on their own. One would have thought their shoulders could get tired, but they kept on serving, ending the third set with a 25-10 win. The team is still unsure if steroids have been used! 


In the end, G4 got back into their rhythm and was able to dominate throughout the last set, winning with a clear 25-14. Both of the teams still have to use the qualities shown in this game, to fight their way back into the table, where we are currently ranked 7th and 8th. 


Special thanks to Sara and Carmen for helping us out again and, of course, to everyone of you who was cheering on the stands!