Last Thursday, Erasmus Volley’s Mens 1 defeated Volley Meerkerk with 4-0 at Erasmus Sport. Want to be part of their journey to the top? There are still 4 home matches left to watch them and to cheer them on. Here you can read their report on how they came to this beautiful victory.


It’s a cold and rainy day in January. One of those days where you wake up only to realize you want to go back to a deep, deep hibernation. But then … you realize it’s Thursday again, your life has meaning, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! This day is not just a Thursday, it is the day Men’s 1 has been waiting for. Being second in the league they only took 2 defeats so far. One of the losses was against Volley Meerkerk. This game was always a losing game for Men’s 1. Against all medical advice, ignoring all worried mothers and acting more tough than they were, Men’s 1 took the journey to Meerkerk. With exactly 7 players, some of them literally falling apart, Men's 1 managed to take 1 set but had to leave the other 3 in Meerkerk. All of this because the opponent did under no condition want to move the game to a better, more responsible date. Rumor has it that Rens sacrificed his big toe in order to make it to the end of the game. Luckily, toes are less important than fingers, but it still makes him a real warrior.                    


Now, all of this has painted the picture for you. Men’s 1 was not going to lose the home game against Volley Meerkerk. And oh boy, they really didn’t leave anything for the visitors from Meerkerk, not even the crumbs. Cold as ice, not too flashy, very decent volleyball. That’s how Men’s 1 went about this game. Targeting the libero, putting up some well-placed blocks and hitting hard when they could, smart when they had to. Men’s 1 is one step closer to fine-tuning their game and their next home games guarantee to give the crowd crazier digs, harder hits and more fire.


This match will go down in history as a neat 4-0 victory for EV and… the rise of Riesus Christ. It’s one of those moments where somebody asks you in 10 years from now: “where were you when it happened?” The lucky few will be able to say: “I was right there at the very hall where Ries put a hole in the floor less than 3 meters from the net”. Special things happen when Men’s 1 is playing. You have 4 more opportunities left to cheer them on in their home games and be part of their rise to the top of the table!