Thursday evening, February 23, 9:30 p.m. The team with the bright orange socks is ready to play. It’s DR1, obviously. We shout our yel one more time before the start of the game against the number 1 in our pole. “AAA-GON”*. And that's exactly what we had to look for today, our fire!


It was a fiery match for sure. The balls from both teams where smashed around like never before. The whole team was ready for every ball, and unlike normal, everyone actually went for every ball. We didn’t wrap this win up as a gift for them. No, today our two birthday girls wanted to get it. Eline Boele kept booming and Carlinde ate the opponent as if they where her birthday cake. Our orange socks radiated fire. This couldn’t be ignored by our temporary enemy.


Don't believe us? Then ask our all-time, and only, supporter Ricardo. Like a proud dad, he cheered us on from the stands and blared along with our songs.


Because, as bright as our socks were to the opponents eyes, so loud was our singing to their ears. Although we soon noticed that this was not appreciated, we only managed to produce more and more sound. Oops. Unfortunately, we were unable to turn the game to our advantage. In the end we lost with a bittersweet 4-0. An unnecessary 4-0. But we couldn't get more out of it than the minimal difference of a total of 9 points over the entire game.


We might not have won the physical game, but we sure did win the mental game! Afterwards we were called 'rather unsportsmanlike' because of our many songs. Apparently the opponent did not agree that you can better ‘kets’* at home and that their balls were really 100 meters out.


But we do understand their irritations, of course they did not expect that the number 6 in the competition would make it so difficult for the number 1. Because fair is fair, with a total difference of 9 points it was a nerve wrecking game.


Unfortunately we just missed out of the win, but we can be proud of ourselves. Without a doubt, this was the best game we played this season. And with this positive note we will finish our match report.


Will we see or hear you soon cheering us on from the stands? It would be nice to have more than 1 supporter for a change. (We love you Ricardo, you will always be our favorite) With our fiery orange socks we definitely stand out, so no more excuses ;)




* ’Ogon’ means fire, pronounced as ‘agon’

If you don’t understand, learn your Dutch volleybal songs!