Our match against Fusion Rotterdam at home was an important one. If we succeeded to win 4-0, we could have equalled their points tally on the leaderboard with two games in hand.


Even though we were fairly confident we could pull it off, the first set was a real wake-up call. After going point for point when we reached 25-25, we were finally able to take the first set with a score of 31-29(!) G8 used a lot of their energy to attain the first set and became a little tired for the second and third set; we lost them both. 17-25 and 18-25 respectively. Bummer! In the final set, however, G8 rekindled their fire and bagged another hard-fought set with a score of 25-20, securing the draw overall. It was a good and close match with nice sportsmanship overall.


We had a couple of supporters on the sideline who, together with our coach Debby, sung energy back into us, which is always a nice feeling. We’re certainly happy with how nice of a game it was, but not yet satisfied. We’ll have to settle that score at their house soon. Thanks everyone for reading and following our journey on instagram. See ya soon!