With the ambition to finish on place 1 or 2 this season (are currently 3rd), we are eager to win every match! Also this one against Volley Lek&IJssel, currently 7th in the league. Enthusiastic and full of confidence we started the match. This quickly resulted in a lead of several points in set 1, which we did not give away anymore!


Set 2 unfortunately went exactly the opposite way. Due to a service series by Volley Lek&IJssel at the beginning of the set, we quickly fell behind. Although we came back well, we lost the set mainly due to many own (service) errors. The 5-setters are so 2022 as far as we are concerned, so set 3 and 4 had to be won. Through better passing and a lot of good attacking skills we got better into our game and won the third set 25-19. A setback was the loss of our libero Ines. However, fortunately there was Annerieke who filled in the libero position as well as always had.


Set 4 was tied until 19-19, but a good service series at the end allowed us to take the win! Final score 3-1, so 4 points in the pocket! And a special thank you to the crowd! Although it was not entirely appreciated by the libero of the opponent, your support was great!