The evening started off on a good note, ladies 6 was playing at 21:30 in hall 1. With some interesting choice of music (techno sea shanties), the warming up had started. The team of the night consisted of 8 amazing ladies 6 players, the awesome Carmen (D5) who decided to help us out, and ladies 6 their two official cheerleaders.


At a 01-10 behind we felt defeated, but as our old coach Joep (G1) used to say “the first ten points don’t matter”. It was just a question whether or not that was the case for this set, turns out… it wasn’t. Although a comeback was made from 03-20 to 10-21 it was a matter of time before the first set was taken from us. With our confidence 6ft under the ground it was time for the second set.


With positive words from our coach we shook off the negativity and embarked on our quest to victory once again. The points went up gradually from 03-02 to 08-10 we managed to maintain our lead, but the tied changed at 14-14. Even though we fought our way back, Set number 2 ended with 22-25.


Even though set three was lost with a big margin, it was a battle, every point was a rally. The girls were starting to get tired and even the enthusiastic cheers from the sideline couldn’t get the energy up again.


Apparently “nothing to lose” is exactly what ladies 6 needs, set 4 was off to a good start. Remaining in the lead the entire set, we fought for every point. The further we came, the grumpier the opponent got. The players got every ball, the coach gave amazing tips and the cheerleaders were as enthusiastic as ever. Set 4 was our set. With 25-20 we made sure that it was not a 4-0 loss. It became a small victory in a losing battle.