The match on March 30, 2023 was not a very exciting match for G5 at first glance. G5 was second in the pool with a chance to become champion and Hou stand was last in the pool at that time. Fortunately, that still remained the case for G5. With good courage we biked to the other side of Rotterdam, strong headwind so we were already warm when we arrived. The first set went well with a 25-17 win. It took some figuring out how they played with only two men, as last time was October. The second set G5 started very strong with a big lead. One of us stood aside to update Erasmus Volley's Instagram. Somewhere in the middle of the set the game tilted, the opponent made point after point. G5 wouldn't be G5 to immediately do something about this again with a result of 25-15 win. The third set was the most exciting. With a deficit of 14-19 we still made a change which totally paid off with a 25-22 win. The last set we also fortunately completely canned them with 25-10. An important result for us because we still have a chance to win the championship. Of course we celebrated this win with a delicious beer at Pardoen. If we win the match on April 6, we have a chance to win the championship on April 13. Will we see you in the stands then?