Meet our favorite pub!
Besides the fact that we are the biggest indoor sports association of Erasmus Sport, with a lot of talented players, we are also a student's association!
With the student life come late nights out and having drinks after the practices or games, but also parties and student activities. The perfect place for this part of our association is our favorite pub Pardoen in the Oude Haven. Ideally centrally located in Rotterdam and one of the few bars that still has a night permit. The friendly atmosphere ensures that you will feel at home right away and this beautiful pub has already produced many juicy gossips.
We work with a system of drinking cards, with which you can order your drinks with a discount on the thursday nights. You can buy this cards in Pardoen at our beloved treasurer Lynn.
Every year there is a competition between the teams on which team has bought most cards at the end of the year. 
This year the cards will cost 14 euros for 7 beer/soda. 
Also, all thursdaynight you can buy all kinds of shots for only 1 euro!

Come join us for a drink during the Eurekaweek or after the Open Practices and experience Pardoen yourself!