Welcome to Pardoen

23 September 2019

A great pub where you can join us every week

Board Weekend

11 June 2019

Last weekend, the boards celebrated the switch that will take place tonight.

Final tournament and final party

3 June 2019

Unfortunately, the season has ended. To make sure the season ended well, we organized a final tournament and a party!


3 June 2019

Click here for more information.

EV Weekend

29 May 2019

Read here how much fun it is to join the EV weekend!

Championship of G1

20 May 2019

Read how the players of G1 became champions!

Pub crawl

24 April 2019

This year the first year committee organized a pub crawl for our members. Click to find out more about the event!


25 February 2019

The second edition of the beercantus of EV took place! Click to find out more.

We're training our trainers

12 February 2019

Last week the technical committee together with the trainers of our Ladies 1 and Mens 1 teams organized a trainer's course.