The 11th of March 2018, a day to never be forgotten. This day provided the ultimate opportunity to introduce Erasmus Volley to your friends and family, and the other way around. Fourteen teams signed up and played like they never did before. The theme ‘Holidays’ ensured that all kinds of kings, halloweenies, birthdaykiddo’s (including a real one), Sinterklazen (including his huge bag of gifts), cupids and many more partypeople were to be found in the sportshall at Erasmus Sport. There was a lot of laughter and fanatic cheering. With a nice lunch-buffet and some fruits to stay healthy, an extensive teamphoto-shoot and a necessary break every now and then, the afternoon went pretty fast. The very exciting finale was played by team ‘Animalsday’ and ‘Oktoberfest’. With big advantage, Animalsday was the proud winner of this fun tournament. Team ‘Halloween’ won the price for the best dressed team, because they looked very, very scary… Afterwards, the tournament was still enthusiastically discussed while enjoying a drink. After that, the well-known Friends & Family tournament was over already. On to the next tournament: the final-tournament!