How can I become a member at Erasmus Volley?

The only moment to sign up for Erasmus Volley is during our open practices, which take place after the Eurekaweek. For regular teams this will be on Mondays, on August 24th, August 31st and September 7th. For recreational teams this will be on Thursdays, on August 27th, September 3rd and September 10th, Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram to find out the exact times. During the open practises, you can follow a training on a level that suits you and you can get to know the association better. After the training, you can officially sign up. 


Is it required to be a student of Erasmus University to become a member?

There is no requirement to be an EUR student to become a member of Erasmus Volley. We are also welcoming to students who study at HBO or at a different university. Keep in mind that for these people, there are higher costs for a sportspass for the sports building.


Can I become a member if I’m not a student (anymore)? 

You can still become a member of Erasmus Volley if you’re not a student (anymore). However, keep in mind that - in case of too many sign ups - the preference goes to new members who are students. 


Can I become a member if I’m not available for the whole year? 

You can still become a member of Erasmus Volley if you’re not available for the whole year due to an exchange or other reasons. However, keep in mind that - in case of too many sign ups - the preference goes to new members who are available for the whole year. 


On which levels can I play?

At Erasmus Volley, you can join a regular teams or a recreational team. The regular teams have six ladies teams (promotion class to fourth class) and three mens teams (promotion class to second class). For recreational, you can choose to join a mixed teams or a ladies team. The levels at recreational go from beginners to experienced.


What is the difference between regular teams and recreational teams?

The biggest difference between regular and recreational teams is that the recreational teams usually play volleyball once a week. This can be a home game or a practise, since both take place on Thursday. Sometimes there will be a second day on which these teams play volleyball, this is the case when the team has an away game on another day of the week. For recreational teams, the weekends are always free. Regular teams always have practise on Monday and sometimes on Wednesday (in case of Ladies 1 and Mens 1). Besides that, they also play home games on Thursday and away games usually on Saturday. This means that for regular teams, the weekends are not always free.


On which days do you have practise?

Regular teams train on Mondays and/or Wednesdays from 19.00 to 21.00 or from 21.00 to 23.00. Recreational teams train on Thursdays from 19.00 to 21.00 or from 21.00 to 23.00.


On which days do you play matches?

For both regular teams as or recreational teams, home matches are on Thursdays at 19.00 or at 21.00. Away matches can be on every other day of the week. However, for recreational teams this will never be during the weekend, but for regular teams away matches can take place during the weekend. 


How much does membership at Erasmus Volley cost?

The contribution at Erasmus Volley for the season 2020/2021 is €87,50 for regular players and €42,50 for recreational players. Additionally, there will be costs for the required sportspass for the Erasmus Sport sports building and for a match shirt (€25).


Can I become a member without having to play volleyball or matches?

If you want to become a member of Erasmus Volley just for socializing and for the activities, you can choose to become an association member. As an association member, you won’t get placed in a team, but you’re welcome for all tournaments, parties, drinks at Pardoen and other activities. As an association member you pay €19 per season. 


Which awesome activities do you organize besides volleyball?

Besides volleyball, we put great value to the feeling of the association. We are a very tight-knit association who like to socialize with each other. This is why we organise lots of events where members get the opportunity to get to know each other better. Below, you’ll find a selection of some of our greatest activities during the year:

- Drinks in our pub Pardoen (Oude Haven), where each week, you’ll be assured of a very ‘gezellige’ night. 

- Tournaments, where teams get mixed so you get to know other members better. This is the optimal combination of volleyball and fun. You should definitely join our amazing night tournament in January!

- The EV Gala, where you get the chance to see other members in an other daylight by seeing them in something else than just their sports clothes.

- Beer cantus, seems clear enough. AD FUNDUM!

- The EV weekend, the big closing event of the season where the gezelligheid reaches its highest point!


These events are highlights of the season where every member looks forward to!



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Other questions?

Send an email to our secretary ([email protected]).