Dear volleyball players,

We hope that by now everybody is properly rested after the Night Tournament. For everybody who wasn’t there and for the people who can’t remember follows an overview of the evening.

The evening started with a lot of volleyball of course. We had surfers, Baywatch and even people from Hawaii playing. To show the importance of the Night Tournaments Hillary and Trump managed to forget about their differences for a night and played together. After everybody became tired of playing, we headed downstairs to have some refreshing drinks and an awesome party. DJ Daniël started the party with some awesome beats and the beer pong did the rest. After a tiresome battle till 05.30 the prices were handed out and the breakfast was served.

We understand that you are very disappointed to have missed this legendary night of volleyball, but don’t go crying yet, because we are here to announce the ‘Friends and Family Tournament’! This tournament is especially designed to play with people outside of the club. So bring your mother, grandfather, friends or even your archenemies to come and play 5 March. More information and Facebook spam will follow!

The ToCo