Yesterday, your favorite volley olympics fought against Spivo. We lost the away game with 4-0 from the, in the meanwhile, shared second place, so we knew what we had to do this evening.

Under watchful eye of Maaike’s mother, our most loyal fan, we started the game strong. Because of this, our opponent from Spijkenisse was overwhelmed, since they might have thought they could go home with the win easily. Danny turned into a true service gun again, and Annemiek honored our yell and showed everyone how to make a perfect pancake (2x!)

From set 2 on, Spivo came into play and there was more attack pressure on their part. We continued to defend well and made our points, therefore, set 2 stayed on our side since we won with 25-20.

Also in the third set, we fought hard. We played 25-16 and the win was on our side again. With the ultimate revenge of 4-0 in prospect, we started on the fourth set very excited. Spivo clearly did not intend to give us those 4 points easily, it had to be fought out. (not literally, proverbial, just volleyball) At 25-25 Ewout did not collapse under pressure and delivered good services. With 27-25, we had the 4-0 in the pocket!

This beautiful game gives a good prospect for the upcoming matches !!! #goingtothetop

Fun fact: The experiences of G5 can also be followed on YouTube! Follow Danny's channel and see everything, including complete matches! Go to: