Last Thursday we played against the number 1! In good spirits (even though we are last) we went to this game to win. As with almost every away match, we played in a village somewhere in the middle of nowhere. When the game started it seemed very easy: after a good service series we were leading 7-1. Although they came closer, we still managed to win this set with 25-23.

The second set started about the same: we first headed for the win, but after some points, they came back. With an exciting 30-28 we just did not manage to win in the last crucial moment.

But we did not let our heads down and went hard against them in the third set, which resulted in a 25-21 victory.

What we thought would be the last set did not seem to be true. We lost the fourth set with 27-25, which resulted in a fifth set. Although we had struggled to win the game, this did not work out. We  lost the fifth set with 15-11. After the game, our coach Dough said: "I really thought you had those guys." And that's what we thought. Yet, it was not a bad result. Given the big point difference between the two teams, we were still very satisfied with a 2-3 loss.