Noortje Dupont


I'm Noortje, third year Communication student and this year's president of Erasmus Volley. I have been playing volleyball for quite a while now, so when I moved to Rotterdam, becoming a member of EV wasn't much of a question.

I'm looking forward to making this a great year, where everyone can grow in their volleyball skills. Whether you're already really advanced or you have never touched a volleyball before doesn't matter. Besides volleyball, the social aspect is always present in our association. We've got our local pub Pardoen, different kinds of tournaments, a gala and many other activities.

Already curious? I’m looking forward to see you at or around the fields or at Thursdays at Pardoen!

E-mail: [email protected]


Asmara Smit

Hi everyone!

I am Asmara Smit and with only 20 years old I am the youngest one of the board. I study Psychology at the Erasmus University and this year I will start with the last year of my Bachelor. For me the third year of my study also means the third year of Erasmus Volley. When I arrived at this huge university when I was 18, it felt like high school all over again. Luckily Erasmus Volley welcomed me with a lot of enthusiasm and I think it's safe to say that I'm completely settled now!

After a year of gaining experience by joining the activity committee, I will be the Secretary of the board this year. I want to make everyone feel as welcome as I did when I first joined EV. I am looking forward to making the most of my year as secretary!

See you at the next party!

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Oxana Hensbergen

Hi all!

This year I, Oxana Hensbergen, have the honour of being the treasurer of Erasmus Volley. I am 22 years old and currently studying to be a teacher in maths. If everything will go well, I can officially say that I am a teacher next year. In other words: this is my final year ;)

In the meantime I’m already a 5th year member. In the four years of being a member I have experienced and organised a lot of things. As 18 year old girl I started my EV career; a new city full of new people. Meanwhile I have completely settled; regularly drinking beers in Pardoen and living in a EV-house!

From my first year on I have been part of committees. I started as a member of the first years committee and I ‘ended’ last year as a member of the tournament committee. By taking part in this committees I met a lot of members, experienced many funny moments, learned a lot and made a few really good friends.

Now it is time for my next challenge: being part of the board by being a treasurer. I hope I can share the experience I gained from committees with the rest of the board, organize many amazing activities and making everybody feel at home, just like I do within this association!

E-mail: [email protected]

Vice President

Laura Liebisch

Hello everyone, 

I am Laura Liebisch, this year’s vice president of Erasmus Volley. I am 22 years old and just finished my BSc in Psychology. This year I am looking forward to starting my MSc in Organizational Change and Consulting! I have been a member of this amazing club for 3 years now, but played a little more than 5 years. This still does not mean that I am any good though... still I enjoy playing, training, and bonding with my team mates over a beer or two. I have learned the more you care and invest time in the club, the more you get out in form of lasting friendships, fun activities, and of course, exciting trainings and rewarding volleyball matches!

I hope that by joining Erasmus Volley you find your way in Rotterdam!

E-mail: [email protected]

Match Secretary

Chiara Bruggink

"DON'T KICK THAT BALL!!" is what you will hear most of me as this year's match secretary. As a 3rd-year member I spontaneously decided to join the board whilst drinking a famous Jupiler beer at Pardoen.
Hopefully everyone will be on time at their matches to prevent any unnecessary stress. However, this year is going to be amazing and by the way; I am not ashamed to ask you for a ride to Pardoen. My advice: Buy a bike if you don't already have one.

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